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Smoothies are not only delicious but healthy. However, to make a great smoothie, you need all the right ingredients and good smoothie maker/blender. List few of the low price smoothie maker


1. Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

It is not easy to find a good blender especially if you are on a budget. However, this particular brand delivers impeccably. This product goes for $199 at Amazon and the fact that its hemisphere blade system is patented means you cannot easily get this system in another machine. It works by separating the larger ingredients and forces them to sink at the bottom of the blender. It looks sleek and classy with its stainless steel body. Other features include;


Easy to use LCD timer: You can pre-program the blender into your preferred smoothie cycle. The buttons are also illuminated for clear reading.

Electronic 5-speed control: This maintains the speed at all times to deliver consistent results.


750 watt motor: This may not be the most powerful motor but considering its low value, it is strong enough to blend most fruits into a fine consistency.

6-cup co-polyester container: This container can be washed in a dish-washer making it easy to clean


2. Ninja Master Prep QB900B

Just as the name suggests, the blades on this blender are very sharp and it is very easy to hurt yourself while using it and you should therefore read the manual for instructions on how to use it. It goes for $40.27 at Amazon and unlike other cheap blenders that should be used minimally, this one can be used two to three times a day and still last long and does not break down when chopping ice. Other features that you need to know about are:

Motor is located on top: This makes it easy to store in the cabinet as it does not take up too much space.


Loosely fitted seal on pour spout: This feature is not desirable for most users as you have to cover it to avoid spillage on your surface.

Plastic blade stick: Higher end blenders have a metal blade for easy cleaning so the plastic one on this blender can be an eye sore if you do not clean it every once in a while.


It also has an interchangeable power pod that is 400 watt in capacity.

3. Nutri Bullet Blender/Mixer System

Going for $87 at Amazon, this blender has a unique design because it ignores the traditional upright jar position to place the blender on its head. Perhaps one of its best features is the fact that you do not have to worry about cleaning up because it comes with a self-contained jar which means it only produces one or two servings. It is also relatively fast and easy to operate. Other features to note include:

High power base and 600-watt motor: This blender is powerful enough to blend flax seeds and similar foods into a smooth consistency, not to mention how it pulverizes fruits and vegetables without much effort.


Patented blade design: Its blades are designed to cut in a cyclic motion and that is probably the reason why it blends perfectly.

Accessories: This is a blender that comes with a few recipes you can use, three cups, one emulsifying blade and two re-sealable lids.

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